Kerala: The Divine Destination

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Spiritual seeking is part of the Indian ethos. People of all ages and stations journey in utter faith and devotion to places of worship – all seeking the elusive grail of inner peace, support in their earthy struggles, and eventual release from this mortal existence. Temples direct believers along the path of salvation, while serving as places of refuge in times of conflict and distress. India is perhaps first and foremost a land of temples. Kerala has more than 2000 temples – with fascinating legends attached to them. The rituals and pujas differ from temple to temple but are in accordance with the norms laid down by well known saints-preceptors such as Adi Sankara and Vilwamangala Swami. Although millions of devotees and tourists visit Kerala’s temples every year, little is available by way of essential information in order to facilitate the pilgrim route. This book presents details regarding location, timings, pujas and festivals, as well as the legends and significance of the various offerings at the important temples in the State. The temples have been grouped according to location, allowing for visits to as many temples as possible within the shortest travel time. Useful information regarding accommodation, places of tourist interest and shopping options close to the temples, have also been provided. These pages are dedicated to the pilgrim soul in each of us.

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