Malabar Gems Certified Amethyst 108+1 6mm Beads Rosary Mala

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Malabar Gems Certified Amethyst 108+1 6mm Beads Rosary Mala

Amethyst Beads: Amethyst provides stability, strength, inspiration, peace, along with increased spiritual power. It opens and activates Crown Chakra Enhances spiritual power, psychic awareness, spiritual protection, divine guidance, intuition thus promoting a higher degree of consciousness.
It calms and stimulates the mind thus increasing more focus, enhancing memory and improving motivation

Amethyst is associated with Crown Chakra or Third eye Chakra
Characteristics: Protection, Purification , Cooling ,Balancing Pitta, Balancing Vatta

Our Rosary mala are hand-crafted with Semi-precious gemstones, Rudraksha beads and Silk tassels. Combination of high-grade gemstone beads with suggested mantras create a powerful force for healing, spiritual learning and well-being. The cord running through the beads symbolizes the thread of Life.

Typically a mala is a string made of 108 Beads. Some Mala’s have 109th bead called the Meru bead /Guru Bead . It typically sits at the centre of the mala, the area closest to your heart.

All of our Gemstones and Beads are 100% genuine. Some of our stones have been slightly enhanced by the manufacturer (which is typical for the entire gemstone industry). Due to the natural materials used the colour and the size of the beads may vary.

  • Natural and Genuine
  • Fine Quality Beads
  • 108+1 Beads 6 mm Size
  • Rosary, Japa Mala
  • Hand Knotted

Price Rs.475
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