Malabar to Morocco

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Malabar to Morocco by Viji Krishnan is the sum of all the experiences she went through as she travelled the world since the age of nine. Every song in this album has a story to tell that strikes an emotional chord and takes the listener on an uplifting multi-cultural journey across the world. The skill is definitely progressive with a soulful mixture of Carnatic music. Malabar to Morocco is indeed a conglomeration of multiples facets and influences. The album features a multitude of talented artistes such as Sonu Sangameswaram and Keith Peters on bass guitar, Naveen Iyer on flute and vocals, Dilshad Khan on sarangi and Krishna Marathe and Donan Murray on lead guitar.

It begins with ‘Ganesha’ that redefines Indian melody and the album proceeds to ‘Raag N Roll’ which combines ragas and rock while ‘Sufi Spice’ is a tribute to Sufi customs. The songs fill the air with expressive, long and thoughtful melodies and then there is the fascinatingly titled ‘Mallipoo Tea’, a soulful mixture of Indian, Scottish and Chinese tunes. Apart from focussing on musical trends, this album also seems to mirror changes in lifestyle. For instance, the switch from kapi to cappuccino is the spirit of ‘Kapi Reggae’, an inducement of Caribbean and Indian rhythms. Some songs like ‘Nirvana’ transport the listener to another realm altogether, finding peace, serenity and melody in a world which is filled with hatred and greed. ‘Kadambari’ on the other hand is a woman’s pursuit for true love which has been mesmerizingly depicted within the poignant notes of the song. The final number ‘My Father, My Guru’ strikes a special chord with Viji’s respected father offering his special touch. The album is thus a synergy of many different sounds, interpreted and expressed through the instrument Viji Krishnan knows and plays best, the violin. Eclectic and versatile in sounds and moods, the songs in the album expose her journey around the world.

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