Module: SAP ABAP SAP ABAP is a technical module where SAP ABAP consultant mostly works

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Module: SAP ABAP
SAP ABAP is a technical module where SAP ABAP consultant mostly works on requirements, which is not feasible by SAP standard functionality. There is always a demand for Good ABAP consultant who understands the Standard Functionality of SAP and meets the Gaps of Business by adding custom Enhancements.
 Prerequisite for training
 Bachelor degree in engineering or computer application (BCA)
 Postgraduate degree/diploma (MCA, MCS etc.)
 Prior knowledge of Java, C, C++, DOT Net would be an added advantage

• Training Course Content
• Introduction to ERP

• SAP R/3 Architecture
 Functionality of SAP R/3 Architecture
 Features of SAP R/3 Services
• ABAP Data Dictionary
 Tables (Designing and behavior)
 Views
 Structures
 Data Elements and Domains
 Search help functionality
 Lock objects
 Table maintenance Single System Landscape
• ABAP Programming and Reports
 Data types and Data objects functionality
 Parameters, select-options, ranges definition and usage
 Field string concepts
 Internal tables and Internal tables events
 SQL statements
 Introduction to SAP R/3 pre-defined tables from functional modules like MM/SD/FI
• Reports
 Event
 Classical reports and Interactive reports
 Designing selection-screen (with radio buttons, blocks, checkboxes etc.)
 Variants and back ground job scheduling
 ALV and GRID reporting / Blocked ALV’s
 Debugging
• Performance Tools
 SQL Trace
 Run-time Analysis
 Performance Tuning
• Modularizing Techniques
 Subordinates
 Function Modules
 Field-Symbols
 Macros
• Transport Management System (CTS)
• Dialog Programming (Transactions)
 Module Pool Programme (Programming, flow logic, layout design)
 PBO/ PBI/POV/POH functionality
 Logical Unit of Work (LUW)
 Screen painter, menu painter functionality
 Table controls, sub-screens
 Tabstrips implementation in client scenarios
• Batch Data Conversion (BDC’s)
 File handling techniques
 Session methods
 Call transaction methods
 Implementation on session and calling of transaction Methods on MM01, XD01, XK01 applications
 Implementations of Recording on Session as well as Call Transaction Method
 Logical file handling using Open dataset concepts
 Direct Input method
 LSMW (Legacy system Migration Workbench)
• SAP Scripts & Smart Forms
 Creating layout sets, defining a logo in layout sets, Styles and texts
 Print program and attaching layouts to reports
 Modifying pre-defined layouts
 Implementation scenarios
• Spool Administration
 Print related Terminology in OS/SAP Level
 Setting Local, Remote and Front-End Printing
 Logical and Real Spool Server
 Managing Spool Requests using Output Controller
 Connecting Output Devices to Window System
 SAPLPD, TemSE, Authorization
• Introduction to OO-ABAP
• Introduction to distributed Environments and Cross Application Architecture
• IDOC’s (Intermediate Document)
 IDOC basis and architecture
 IDOC structure and IDOC Types
• ALE (Application Link Enabling)
 Application of ALE between R/3 to R/3 system and between R/3 to Non-SAP systems
 Message controls
 Message Types
 Customer Distribution Model
 Partner Profile and its application
 Change pointer functionality
• EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and BAPI (Business Application Programming Interface)
• Enhancements
 User_Exits/ Menu_Exits/ Function_Exits Defining Jobs
 Concepts of Business Add-Ins (BADI’s)

 Trainer’s Profile
 Working consultants, Module Leads and Project Managers with CMM level 5 companies
 Freelancers
 Extensive exposure on various projects covering end-to-end implementation, upgrades, rollouts, enhancements, supports etc.
 Excellent flair of consulting and training

 Course Duration
 Flexible training schedule
 70+ hours of class room training
 Weekdays & Weekend batches

 Course Fee
 Rs. 30,000 (INR)

 System Access
 24X7 access to SAP software via internet across globe.

 Additional Features:
 Fully comprehensive and practical approach in transferring knowledge
 Provision of configuration steps
 Provision of study material strictly from interview point of view
 Comprehensive test towards the end of the course
 Preparation for interview
 Reformatting of CV

 Contact detail
 +91-9325793756 (


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