SAP CRM technical Course Content at LEARNING HUB Introduction:

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SAP CRM technical Course Content at LEARNING HUB
SAP CRM technical Course Content at LEARNING HUB
• Why SAP CRM?
• Why organizations need SAP CRM Web Client User Interface?
• Versions of SAP CRM WebUI
• Features SAP CRM WebUI
• MVC Design Pattern and WebUI Architecture
• Understanding Layers of SAP CRM Architecture
• CRM One Order Frame work
• Overview of Generic Interaction Layer
• Overview of Business Object Layer
ABAP OOPs (ABAP Object Oriented Programming)
• What is an Object?
• Why to define a Class?
• Components of class
• Attributes – Instance, static, constant
• Methods – instance, static
• Role of Attributes & Methods in OOPs programming
• Defining class in class builder
o Global Class
o Local Class
• Accessing Attributes in a method
• Instantiation of object in report program
• Visibility – Public, Private, Protected.
• Method parameters – importing, exporting, changing, returning
• Interface
• Abstract class
• Type casting
o Widening Casting
o Narrow Casting
SAP CRM Functional Overview:
• Account & Contact Management
• Creation and assign the BP in organizational model
• Overview of Sales Cycle

SAP CRM WebUI Framework (For very concept explanation with one real time scenarios)
• Introduction to WebUI Component and Component Workbench
• Presentation layer –model/view/controller
• Overview of view Implementation class and view context class and view context node class
• Overview of context node attributes Context binding
• Creation of custom BSP components
• Difference b/w Model node and value node
• View:
o Creation of custom view with model node and value node (real time scenario)
 Creation of Form view and Table view
o Creating Advanced search view and result view
o Customizing the standard view (real time scenario)
o Embedding the custom View’s into standard components
• UI Configuration Tool:
o Creation of custom configuration in standard views and custom views
o Customizing the standard confirmations as per client requirement
o Concept of Role key and object key, sub object key
o Adding a view and Changing Column Title, column width and hiding of fields.
o Dynamically changing the configurations.
• Creation of view set and view areas
o Adding Search View and Result View
• Overview page:
o Creation of custom overview page
o Embedding the custom OV page into standard components
o How to Customizing the standard overview page as per client requirement
o Dynamically hiding and reattaching of views. (real time scenario )
• Creation of custom window’s
• Component controller (When we will use Component Controller)
• Creation of custom controller:
o Life span of view controller/Custom Controller(Why we need to use Custom Controller, why not view controller)
o Concept of data transferring between the different views.
• Creation of custom Pop-up’s
• Overview of Runtime repository editor
o Creation of navigation links
o Adding the Model to component
o Customizing the standard navigation links.
o Expiation around what is “repository.xml”
• Concept of component interface and component usage.
• Navigation
o Static navigation and Dynamic navigation
o Navigation between views and components with transferring of data.
o Use of Getter_V, Getter_P, Getter_I methods and manual creation of this method’s
• Adding the new attributes in Model Node
• Buttons:
o Toolbar buttons
o View level buttons
o OCA buttons (handling the OCA buttons)
o Handling the button actions
o Visible or invisible and disable or enable the buttons as per requirement
o Creation of field’s in different field properties
o Input filed ( editable and non editable)
o Dropdown list box , Image , Check box , Radio buttons , Text area
o Adding the search helps and value helps for fields
BOL (Business Object Layer) Programming:
• Interaction between BOL and GenIL
• Overview of BOL Programming.
• Debugging Session on BOL Programming.
• Overview of BOL classes and interfaces
• Finding relations between objects
• Overview of BOL CORE object
• Usage of Iterators
• Transaction management(Modifying/Creating/Deleting Business data using BOL programming)
• Sorting and filtering Business Objects
• Adding the messages in the Web UI.
GenIL (Generic Interaction Later):
• Overview of Generic Interaction Later
• Objects:
o Root object, access object, query object, dynamic query object, query result object
• Explanation of GenIL class and its methods
• Relationship between GenIL objects
• Enhancing the standard Models
• Creation of custom Model and Component set and GenIL class
• Creation of Object Model and Model tables for new Model
Add-ons to SAP CRM Web User Interface
• Customizing Business role
o Creating TargetID for UI Component using Work Area Component Repository
o Defining Logical link for Custom UI Component
• Customizing Navigation bar profile – Work Center, Work Center Group Link, Direct Group link
• Overview of enhancement set (creation and modification)
• New Enhancement Tools:
• AET (Application Enhancement Tool):
o Overview of AET.
o Difference between AET Tool and EEWB Tool.
o Creating the new fields using AET
o Creating the new table using AET
• Rapid Application Development
• Creating Mesh-up applications
• Action Profiles:
• Creation of custom Action profiles
• Enhancing the standard Action profiles
• Adding the Start and schedule conditions using BADI or Workflow
Transaction Launcher:
• Creation of Transaction launcher using T-codes and URL’s
Reports (SE38):
• How to use BOL programming in Report.
• Using Function module’s for creating and changing the transaction orders.
CRM Middleware:
• Introduction to CRM Middleware.
• CRM Middleware Architecture.
• Analyzing the B’Doc errors

• Trainer’s Profile: Trainer is Working Consultant from Accenture with 5+ years of Consulting and Training Experience.
• Course Duration: 2 Months (Around 70+ Hours) of Class Room Training, Classes will be conducted during morning, evening, or weekends. Duration of the class would be 1 – 4 Hours (depends on Weekdays or Weekend Batch)

• Course Fee: 30,000 INR (Onetime payment)
• Trainer’s Contact Details: +91-9325793756 (
• Mode of Training: SAP CRM Technical is a complete Development of CRM functionality in SAP system. This would be class room Training with Practical hands on system. So what’s we teach as per theory we show every steps and Program on the system. We recommend our student to concentrate much on Practice and get more Hands on.
• SAP system Access: Learning Hub will Provide SAP CRM Software access for the Practice at Learning Hub.
• Books and Study Material: Learning Hub will provide all Study Material and Books for this course in Soft Copy format.
• Self-Practice Required: If you are looking to get into SAP consulting roles so please dedicated 300-400 Hrs.’ of Self-study and Practice in order to get command on the system and then only you can easily clear’s BASIS Interviews.

• Background Need to get into this course: This course suits to the people who are coming from Technical Background (BE, MCA, BCA, MCS etc.). Prior Knowledge of Core ABAP and OOP’s ABAP would be beneficial.
• Role of CRM Technical Consultant: SAP CRM Technical wouyld be working on


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